A Revolutionary Good Time


If you only know Guy Fawkes from V for Vendetta and Anonymous, you’re seriously missing out on one of the wackiest tales (and associated holidays) to come out of the UK. Way back in the day, Fawkes and his gang of revolutionaries attempted to blow up Parliament. They failed, but for the past 400 years the auspicious occasion has been marked in England with fireworks and bonfires the likes of which we only see on the 4th of July. Fire safety laws will likely prevent the Bell House from marking the day in the traditional way, but they’ve crafted a lineup of Brit-centric fun that’s explosive in its own way. Expect a DJ playing Britpop, free nibbles courtesy of the Chip Shop, more gin and Pimms than you can shake a stick at, and giveaways from Q Magazine and gift bags from Penguin for the first sixty guests – all the necessary components to ensure that you’ll always remember the 5th of November.

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