Romancing the Borough


While artist Ivivia Olenick was walking home one night, past bars and restaurants that reminded her of times spent with former boyfriends, she was inspired to begin her latest project, “The Brooklyn Love Exchange.” She spent a year gathering dozens of love stories from friends and strangers, then used them to map love throughout the borough in her embroidered artwork. Now you can see the passionate tales she uncovered in her new show, “A portrait of Brooklyn romance,” on view at Muriel Guépin Gallery through November 13. At tonight’s opening from 6:30-8, you’ll find suggestive hand-stitched text (“Our kisses are fueled by croissant dough and Italian food and babies”), along with a large-scale, love-note studded map of the borough, and works from a collaborative project with graffiti artist Jon Baker called FiberGraf, which melds his tags with her embroidery.

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