Plan Ahead: It’s You! It’s Me! It’s Los Campesinos!


Does anyone make deliriously-sad-but-I-need-to-put-that-on-repeat songs better than the inhabitants of the UK? From Morrissey’s self-defensive snark to Joy Division’s post-punk melancholia, the island country seems to float on a sea of depressive pop euphoria. In the wake of that grand tradition comes Los Campesinos!, a raucous septet out of Cardiff University that takes the sad-but-sweet Brit song and adds an energy that moves their musical mood from despondence to a furiously joyful frenzy. All of which makes them the ideal act to see live, and due to touring limitations and the whole nationality thing, the Campesinos! are not able to visit the borough as often as they should, so forget hesitating and go for it. They’ll be playing at the Music Hall of Williamsburg next Thursday, Nov. 17, so do yourself a favor and pick up tickets now before they sell out!

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