Japanese Food Festival


Fans of sushi, sake, and Japanese culture should be sure to attend Thursday’s Aki Matsuri 2011 autumn festival, a fundraiser for The Gohan Society, which is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting Japan’s culinary heritage in the U.S.  The event is a celebration of the spirit of Japanese chefs in New York City, with food from a ridiculously impressive lineup of local restaurants such as Morimoto, Matsuri, EN Japanese Brasserie, and Blue Ribbon Sushi. Brooklyn Brewery will provide the backdrop and beer, but sake and whiskey will be flowing too. Soh Daiko, an internationally- acclaimed traditional Japanese drumming group, will play a special performance to round out the evening. The fundraiser begins at 6:30pm, and proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the work of The Gohan Society as well as victims of last year’s tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Enter the discount code “BBREW” at checkout to get a $15 discount off the price of admission.

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