Making Fun of Foodies


Look, we’re the first to admit that we’re as guilty as anyone of fetishizing the superb NYC food scene. You’ve got to hand it to this city, we do restaurants, food trucks, and Smorgasburgs like no other (and it’s one of the easiest ways to justify the extreme seasons, the MTA, and exorbitant rents).  But have you ever read a review of yet another new eatery featuring a salt sommelier or organic sustainable kombucha-brined heritage ostrich jerky (ok, we made that one up but it probably exists!) and found yourself wondering if you are being Punk’d? If so, then you should definitely check out Pig: A Restaurant at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre tonight at 9:30pm.  A hilarious send-up of an opening party for a fictional “East Gowanus” restaurant called Pig, with a guest list that (of course) includes a model/actress/hostess, an urban farmer, and a Top Chef quarterfinalist, the solo show has been described by notable reviewers as “razor-sharp,” “a must-see,” and “ridiculously, spectacularly amazing.” As one well-known blog put it: “If you are a food nerd, you probably want to see this.” Tickets are only $5, and you can make a reservation here for tonight or for an encore performance on December 21.

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