Special Sparklers


What’s the deal with grower champagnes? Well, they’re made from the same grapes as other champagnes. But rather than blending (and adding sugar and yeast) to make a consistent product each year, as with bubbly from large champagne houses, the winemakers who produce these sparkling delights let the grapes express characteristics that vary from year to year. If you want to taste, rather than read about these delicious wines, head to Vine Wine for the sixth annual Grower Champagne Tasting from 3-6pm on Saturday, Dec. 17. Sip a small-production sparkler from Pierre Gimonet, a rich and full Vilmart, bright and very modern Pehu-Simonet and finally the velvety demi-sec from A. Margaine. Great for a classy gift, or, stock your Christmas Eve (or New Year’s Eve) pantry now.

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