NYE Mixtape: Our Favorite Songs of 2011


Beirut at McCarren Park during the Northside Festival in June (photo by Liza Eckert)

It’s become a habit of ours to close out each year with a mixtape–an audio toast to all that was great about 2011 as we get ready to kiss it goodbye. This year, we asked our music savviest contributors, Liza Eckert, Laura Leebove, Jay Honstetter and Victoria Romero, to name their favorite songs they heard live around the borough, everywhere from the Northside Festival and Williamsburg Waterfront to the Bell House and Celebrate Brooklyn shows. We then added a favorite track from our BB Songs series. You can listen to all 18 songs on our Spotify playlist (which is well worth signing up for if you haven’t already), then save the seven songs that are legal to download (all linked below, just right click to save). Think of it as a mini mixtape as you get gussied up for New Year’s.

Have an excellent night and Happy 2012!

1. The Black Lips, “Modern Art
2. Wild Flag, “Romance
3. John Maus, “Believer”
4. Starlight Girls, “Gossip
5. Chain and The Gang, “Not Good Enough
6. Freshkills, “I Know I Know
7. Tune Yards, “Gangsta”
9. Beirut, “Santa Fe”
10. Larry and His Flask, “Call It What You Will
11. Old Man Markley, “In a Circle Going Round”
12. Death Cab for Cutie, “Marching Bands of Manhattan”
13. Naked and Famous, “Girls Like You”
14. Beirut,  “The Rip Tide”
15. Blind Pilot,  “3 Rounds And a Sound”
16. Los Campesinos!, “The Sea Is a Good Place to Think of The Future”
17. Yellow Ostrich, “Marathon Runner” (only available on Daytrotter)
18. Bon Iver, “Beth/Rest”
19. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, “All I Really Want To Do” from our BB Songs series

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  1. Art -

    It never ceases to amaze me how people can live in Brooklyn but still inhabit a completely monochromatic cultural world..but I guess y’all voted for Obama so it’s not a skin thing. Shame I came to this blog with an open mind, on well back to reality.


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