Chip in for MulchFest 2012


What do you do with your Christmas tree now that the holidays are over? MulchFest 2012 is here to help. Strip your tree of all its ornaments, stars, angels and whatever else you put on it and bring it over to one of over 35 chipping sites citywide (check out a complete list of locations here). Brooklyn locations include Fort Greene Park at the corner of Washington Park and Willoughby Avenue; McCarren Park at Driggs and Lorimer; and Prospect Park at 3rd and Prospect Park West. The tree will be ground into wood chips which can be used to enrich trees and gardens throughout the city. You’re also encouraged to bring a bag and take some home for use in your own garden or backyard. Last year the city recycled about 17,000 trees, this year we have a chance to top that number.

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