Close Encounters


If you haven’t made it to the reRun Gastropub Theatre yet–a theater in DUMBO with gourmet snacks, cocktails, and reclaimed car seats that actually shows good movies–now is an especially great time to check it out. For six nights starting this Friday, the theater will be screening Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same, a comedy that made a huge splash at Sundance and was recently nominated for the “Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You” Gotham Award. The film is a spoof of the 1950’s sci-fi genre and a traditional romantic comedy, and it follows the story of aliens from the planet Zots who are sent to Earth to have their hearts broken because romantic emotions are toxic to their planet’s atmosphere. Writer/director Madeleine Olnek, a rising star in the NYC indie film scene, will be on hand for questions, and other special guests will be appearing all week. Tickets are $7 but, amazingly, not necessary if you show up half an hour early and buy $7 worth of food.

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