Happy Birthday Rod Stewart


Ah the 70s, Rod Stewart and Bond girl/Wicker Man star, Britt Eckland.

Rod Stewart turns 67 today. This photo, however, is timeless. In the 70s we loved lots of things, shag haircuts, bikini underwear on men, ample pubic hair, orange and green together. Rod Stewart has, wisely, moved on to tuxedos and the American song book, in an uncommon act of rock star dignity. We still love the 70s dirtbag rocker Rod, though. Happy birthday!

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  1. Mark Topps -

    Stewart wasn’t in the Wicker Man, his only connection to the movie was being married to Britt Ekland and making some offhand comment about wanting to buy up and destroy the prints of the film due to his embarrassment over Britt’s participation in the film.


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