Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


No one likes being dumped—not as a high schooler or an adult. Even harder is figuring out what went wrong. So illustrator Maira Kalman and author Daniel Handler (who some may know better as Lemony Snicket, author of A Series Of Unfortunate Events) teamed up to create a grown-up friendly YA book, Why We Broke Up, about the eternally painful experience of heartbreak. On Thursday, they discuss the book, which tells the story of teenagers Min and Ed’s breakup through the items Min leaves on Ed’s doorstep, and hold a Q&A at WORD. There will also be a Breakup Board for attendees to contribute their own breakup stories for a chance to win prizes (for inspiration, check out the Why We Broke Up Project’s Tumblr).  Since they expect a huge crowd, book signings are limited to two per attendee and at least one has to be purchased at WORD. Get there early!


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