Flying Snakes! Theater! Everything at Everywhere!


Can you think of any event where the cultural takeaway for the evening can be summed up with the directive to ‘Get these MOTHER%@$#ING SNAKES out of our MOTHER%@$#ING SKY!’ that isn’t awesome? What about a film that is so 3D that you can’t tell the difference between it and real life, because it might actually be real life, because it might actually be theater? Throw in some absurdly ridiculous special effects, dance, video, and social commentary, and you have Everywhere Theater Group’s new show Flying Snakes in 3D! debuting this week at The Brick. Though clearly a bit difficult to describe, this event touches upon and integrates everything from sci-fi, theater and technology, to art, parody, and human connection itself.  All this, for just $18 a ticket (roughly the same as any James Cameron-directed multidimensional monstrosity) which you can buy here. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, the hilarious-but-strangely-compelling trailer should. Why would you ever doubt us?

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