Go Beard-less, Never Beer-less


Though it may seem as though every lovingly crafted pint of beer in Brooklyn was made by dude–particularly those sporting luxurious lumberjack beards–the industry involves women, too. In fact, our very own Kelso of Brooklyn is co-owned by Sonya Giacobbe, a lovely lady who, in addition to boasting no beard to speak of, makes a kick-ass beer. That’s where She’s Crafty, a monthly meet-up for ladies wanting to get more involved in the microbrew community, comes in. Whether you want to devote your whole life to the world of craft beer, or just your taste buds, it’s an evening that promises delicious beer and slighty-less-than-sober female solidarity. This month’s meet-up is at Dean Street, costs only $10, and you can RSVP here. Sisters are drinking it for themselves, so pull up a stool and raise your glass and your consciousness.