Ke$ha Party Don’t Stop


Want to wake up Thursday morning feeling like P. Diddy? Then make sure you get to A Very Ke$ha Birthday on Wednesday night. For the first Last Weds event of 2012, the good folks at coffee shop/gay bar/pseudo-hipster hangout/all-around Greenpoint treasure trove Veronica People’s Club will be hosting a party that promises “glitter, unicorns, pop music, candy, and so much f-ing whiskey you’ll die” all piled on top of “everything else in the Ke$haesthetic.” The party starts with an opening set by DJ Russ, and will also be an actual birthday party for Last Weds DJs Choyce Hacks and Chairs aka Marley. Try to get there early to see if you can get your hands on VPC’s famous tamales, but you better come covered in glitter or don’t come at all.

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