Take Back the Tea Party!


If any mention of the phrase “tea party” now conjures up images of Sarah Palin and long-form birth certificates, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by A Feminist Tea Party, an installation/performance/participatory event/collaboration taking place this Saturday afternoon at A.I.R. Gallery in DUMBO. The project lies “somewhere between a contemporary consciousness-raising group, a performance, and a joke,” and invites guests for tea with the expectation that they will engage in a conversation about “essential and discomfiting issues” in a supportive environment. This particular Feminist Tea Party marks the last day of Illegitimate and Herstorical, a group show of artists who “consider alternative economies in labor, love, power, crossings, and collectivity” that has been on exhibition at A.I.R. all month. The closing reception for that show begins at 6pm, shortly after tea.

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