Pat Kiernan and Super Bowl Ice Cream: Highlights from the Blog


This angry little guy was part of our anthropomorphic food photo gallery.

When we made our New Year’s resolutions a month ago, we pledged to breath new life into our blog. So, we’d added new features and columns and started posting more frequently, and we have to say, there are some real gems on the BB blog. Here are a few of our favorite posts from the past month.

In his new column To Go, Brendan Spiegel named the top 10 restaurants to look forward to in 2012, and more recently, he wrote about Winter Ready Ice Cream. In addition to reporting on several variations on the egg nog-ice cream genre going on around Brooklyn, he detailed the Super Bowl-inspired flavors at Ample Hill right now. The Patriots (vanilla custard-and-chocolate-ganache cake swirled into vanilla ice cream) and Giants (apple blueberry crumble with a fruit crisp made of oatmeal topping, brown sugar and cinnamon, broken up and mixed into sweet cream ice cream) will be available at the Prospect Height ice creamery through this Sunday. For more savory advice for game day, look for his sub sandwich round-up coming this Thursday.

Maybe it’s the economy that sparked the learning boom in Brooklyn, or maybe we’re such over-achievers, we need to work hard, play hard and learn hard. Either way there are now so many classes available at non-collegiate prices, it’s hard to decide which one to devote a night or two months to. So we’re sending “students” to grade local workshops with a Pass or Fail. In the first installment, Jaime Lowe reviews a photo class at Brooklyn Creative. If you’d like to take a class and report back, get in touch.

We asked sculptor Reina Brill, "What did you do this weekend?"

Jordan Galloway has been chatting up unsuspecting strangers and asking them, “What did you do this weekend?” for her column of the same name. So far she’s talked to Casey Tang, the grandson of famous Szechuan chef, Shorty Tang (who celebrated the Chinese New Year with his family and Sam Sifton) and Reina Brill, a sculptor who lives on City Island. Jordan has an eye for interesting people, so if she approaches you some Sunday afternoon, consider it a compliment.

We’ve also been taking advantage of the blog to post more photos. We added a gallery of Indian Chinese dishes from Calcutta Chinese, one of the restaurants hightlighted by Chitra Agrawal, the writer and cook behind the blog The ABCD’s of Cooking, in her Day Trip to Edison, New Jersey. And, Annaliese Griffin, BB editor-in-chief, posted Please Eat Me, a slide showshow of anthropomorphic food packaging she found on a stroll through Chinatown a few weeks ago.

NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan seems to be having a moment right now, what with his Shit PatKiernan says YouTube hit. Before he became even more of a sensation with the viral video, Tip Sheet contributor Kate Hooker scored an interview with Kiernan in which he admitted his love for the Grand Prospect Hall commercial on NY1, that he loves dining out in Williamsburg (and bowling at Gutter), and that there’s hope for transplants to become “real” New Yorkers. “Of course there is a contingent of New Yorkers who think that unless you were born here you never become a real New Yorker,” Kiernan told BB. “But I don’t think that’s either fair or accurate.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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