A Treasure Map…to Your Future?


Do you identify with the terms underemployed and overeducated? Are you a member of the freshly renamed Generation Limbo? Wish you could stumble across a secret document or artifact that could lead you to, of all the wondrous places, A Real Future? Then YOU might be the protagonist of Sara Levine’s “unstoppably funny” new novel, Treasure Island!!! In it, the main character starts reading Robert Lewis Stevenson’s novel of the same name (sans exclamation points) and adapts the values of the book as a map for her own life. Good life plan?–Uh…kind of? Good story–Absolutely! Even better? The event this week centering on Levine and her work at WORD, featuring rum punch, a Q&A, and a possible promise of parrots. Put on your pirate hat, RSVP “AYE!”

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