Dirty 30 Rock


As if 30 Rock isn’t already funny enough, it’s about to get even funnier–and a bit more scantily clad when Marinara Stardust presents Blurghesque: A Burlesque Tribute to 30 Rock this week. This Friday at Bar Matchless, hand over $5 to door gal Red E. Whip, and watch as Bambi Galore hosts this hilarious sexy tribute to Tracy, Jenna, Jack, Liz and the rest of the TGS crew. Expect performances by the awesomely-named Fem Appeal, La Maia, Vada James, Vanil LaFrappe, Vivienne LaFlamme and Sincerely Yours. There’ll also be comedy from Jessica Delfino, who’s been known to strum a flying V, pluck a ukulele or blow a rape whistle during her performances (all for music’s sake of course!), and Jena Friedman, who writes for the Late Show With David Letterman and has done stand-up all over the world. Warm up now with some Shit Liz Lemon Says, and RSVP on Facebook here.

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