A Fat, Fun Tuesday


Between all of the overhyped, overpriced, and consistently disappointing winter holidays (yeah, we’re side-eyeing you, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day), can there be any doubt that out of the mediocrity Mardi Gras emerges, boisterous and victorious? And although Brooklyn is a little north of the more traditional Mardi Gras destinations, the Bell House is providing a haven from the (weird, not-so-cold) bleak winter weeks ahead with their Mardi Gras Day. Featuring Underground Horns, a brass band whose tagline is “we are cooking audio gumbo,” and Hungry March Band, a street brass march band with a “reputation for mythic revelry,” it’s pretty much a lock on the most fun you can have this (Fat) Tuesday. Entry is just $8 and only available at the door, so just like every other good thing about Mardi Gras, there’s no need to plan or think ahead.

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