Beyond the Plaid


If the NYC Fashion Week of recent years reminds you of a drunk spoiled teenager (complete with temper tantrums, entitlement, and a lot of money that shouldn’t really belong to them), than Williamsburg Fashion Weekend may be just the palate cleanser you need. Now in its tenth season, WFW is different than the typical fashion week in almost every respect: designers are encouraged to push boundaries with their fashion through their clothes, multimedia art, and (most shocking of all) their business practices. Past participants have used recycling, upcycling, sustainable and fair trade fabrics as well as local manufacturing to ensure that their clothes and businesses contribute to the well-being of global and local communities.  Also, it’s just a fun, awesome party. The two-night event is $10 entry for either night at Glasslands (with an afterparty at the Second Floor), and the first 100 attendees each night get a free gift bag; this year, designers include edgy/feminine designer Nathalie Kraynina, performance artist/designer Andrea Diodati, and artist/designer Mark Tauriello. If all this fashion gets you in the mood for shopping, there will also be a sample sale at Secret Project Robot on Sunday.

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