Just Say the Word


Today is Phil Collins Day–is Sussudio stuck in your head yet? A little history, before you think twice: For the past 10 years, Heather Feather (not her real surname) has celebrated this tradition she began in high school as the Feb. 15 antidote to the red hearted madness of Valentine’s Day. Why she waited for this moment to celebrate Phil (who, let’s admit, is a little cheesy) is little understood by us, but as Heather explains, “Whether or not Phil is cheesy is a matter of opinion. I’m only claiming that he can truly empathize with obsession, heartbreak and endless love.” (And let’s not forget a groovy kind of love!)  The celebration changes each year, but it became internet famous on Gothamist last year when it took the form of a parade. This year, you can show your true colors and share your “confessions of love, loss, hurt, obsession, and degradation” thanks to all those easy lovers at the Phil Collins Confessional Booth at 60 Freeman Street in Greenpoint from noon to 10 pm tonight, tonight, tonight. (The footage will be recorded and mailed to Phil, “for his eyes only.”) After your purge, keep the celebrations going at t.b.d., Veronica People’s Club, and Shayz Lounge, where they’ll be pouring the Phil Collins, against all odds.

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