Space Elevator Madness


Japanese space elevators, coming soon.

Here’s what I learned from Twitter this morning.

@CreatorsProject The Smithsonian is getting way high tech (sort of like The Jeffersonian) and using 3D printing to replicate, with remarkable accuracy, some pieces in their permanent collection.

Also, there’s a LiveJournal called The Jeffersonian that consists of Bones fan fiction.

@Gothamist There’s a complete bar lurking behind that brown, boarded up building on N. 5th and Berry. It used to be called The Ship’s Mast, and of course, Gothamist’s commenters are predicting that it will soon be filled with suspenders and edison bulbs.

@andylocal According to Wired, the Japanese are planning on building a space elevator by the year 2050. Japan, where the future is already happening.

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