There is No Such Thing as a Cupcake Emergency


Cupcakes, lobsters and the BQE–it’s a heady mix on Twitter this morning.

@SchlubGross Once a gulf of blight, new buildings ans businesses are thriving around the BQE in the Columbia Waterfront District

@northernspyfood A shrimper in Maine caught a 27-pound lobster, the biggest the state has ever seen (though not as big as the record, 44 pounds, from Nova Scotia). No, he won’t be eaten.

Ok, life would be better if all ATMs looked like this.

@cupcakeblog Sprinkles, one of L.A.’s biggest cupcakeries, is soon to launch a “cupcake ATM” in Beverly Hills. It will dispense cupcakes, cupcakes mixes, doggie cupcakes and cupcake apparel. Second, isn’t this more of like, a Japanese vending machine than an “automated teller machine”? Unless cupcakes are on their way to becoming currency…

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