Pat Kiernan’s Socks


Pat Kiernan tweeted a photo of these brand new socks he wore on air with Kelly Ripa this morning.

There might be a lot of people in media talking about Super Tuesday results this morning. But on our BB Twitter stream there are way more tweeps cheering Pat Kiernan’s co-hosting gig with Kelly Ripa this morning. He works the idea of print media into a television show, he hosts trivia nights, he tweets about his inexpensive socks. Is there anything to not like about that guy?

@patkiernan @RogerClark41 @nickconfessore Pat Kiernan co-hosted LIVE with Kelly this morning and everyone in New York still loves him to death. For good reason.

@offMetroNY If you’d like to brush up on your cycling skills before summer arrives there’s a camp in Westchester where you can do just that. They promise to make biking in traffic less terrifying.

@WFMU Documenting the different ways Godzilla has roared over the years is one of the things YouTube is good for.

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