Brooklyn’s Funniest Home Videos


Proving that any form of technology can be seen through affectionate and fondly nostalgic eyes when presented in the right way, Nitehawk Cinema and the Found Footage Festival are joining together with hosts Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher to launch New York’s first VHS-based variety show. Featuring Leo Allen, Craig Baldo, Jacy Catlin, and Jason Trachtenburg (with collective esteemed credits from the likes of Conan O’Brien) and, we kid you not, the good folks of, it’s an evening where comedians and fellow video collectors share their VHS finds and tell video-related stories in a movie theater setting. And to give it that extra Nitehawk Cinema sparkle of sweetness, Brooklyn Brewery is breaking out their rarely-available Brooklyn Radius beer at a special price, which you can, of course, enjoy right at your seat. Tickets are $11 and available here.

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