Closing the Closet


Well, it seems like this St. Patty’s Day weekend is going to be complete with a good old-fashioned Irish Wake, because the beloved and ineffably awesome Veronica People’s Club will beclosing its doors forever—but there’s going to be one heck of a party before it does. Come and preemptively fill the inevitable coffee shop/dive-bar/custom cocktail-slinging hipster-DJ-hangout shaped hole in your heart (and the back patio with outdoor seating! Did we mention how much we’ll miss the outdoor seating??), especially if green beer isn’t your particular cup of tea. The top-shelf combo of great music and great cheap drinks will be on offer as usual, as well as a “Self Portrait Project” to document the final farewells to a friend gone far too soon. Get there earlier in the night if you can—Antojitos Mexicanos will be bringing delicious Mexican treats from 3pm on, but like this great place, once they’re gone, they’ll really be gone.

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