Luck of the Irish


By the time Sunday rolls around, it’s likely you’ll have had your fill of green beer and drunk college students stumbling around your neighborhood. For a kinder, gentler St. Patrick’s Day celebration, head to Park Slope and Windsor Terrace for the annual Brooklyn St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The traditionally Irish neighborhoods do St. Patrick’s Day up in an old-school style, with a parade featuring Irish step dancers, bagpipes, and general community good vibes. The parade kicks off at Bartel Pritchard Circle at Prospect Park West and 14th Street, and then heads up 7th Avenue and back down PPW. After the parade’s over, make like a local and hit up one of the two bars in Windsor Terrace. If you’re more likely to be wearing green skinny jeans or a vintage U2 t-shirt, stop by the Double Windsor for craft Irish beers, food specials, and, if we’re as lucky as last year, Robicelli’s Irish Car Bomb cupcakes. Or, go more traditional and stop by the sure-to-be-packed Farrell’s, an institution since the ’30s where St. Patrick’s Day is taken VERY seriously and beer comes in Styrofoam cups.

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