Pump It Up at Aputumpu


The cultural depth and diversity of Brooklyn is, what many residents would argue, its main draw. The absolute explosion of artistic talent and establishments in the past few years is a testament to that attraction—but sometimes, even we have to admit, it can get a bit exhausting trying to keep up with it all. Which is why the four-day Aputumpu Festival happening this week is so brilliant. Featuring over two dozen up-and-coming Brooklyn-based bands, it supports emerging talent, allowing artists to stay connected to their local fan base while creating opportunities to reach new audiences, and condenses what would be over a month’s worth of shows into one long weekend. Friday and Saturday nights will be held at Public Assembly and Cameo respectively (the 22nd is at Shea Stadium and the 24th is at Manhattan’s Le Poisson Rouge)—four-day passes are sold out, but you can buy tickets (prices vary with location) to individual nights here.