Spring Has Totally Sprung


Jimmy Fallon shared this spring shot on Instagram this morning.

Well, it’s the vernal equinox today, otherwise know as spring. Earth is neither tilted toward, nor away from the sun–today and the fall equinox are the two points during the year where, if you imagine a line between the North and South Poles, it would be perfectly straight (this only happens for a moment, in truth, but hey, we can get a whole day out of the idea). Also, the sun’s time is equally split between staying above and below the horizon today. Giving us equal parts day and night. Balance, all around.

@jimmyfallon It’s the first day of spring and I need to follow Jimmy Fallon on Instagram. Also, his Twitter bio reads: astrophysicist.

@buzzfeedben There seems to be a fact check This American Life Stories movement building. A David Foster Wallace piece from 2000 has come under scrutiny now (though so has much of his other “non-fiction” writing).

@Greenpointers This video of finches on a balcony in Greenpoint is a little spring celebration that no cubicle can ruin. Well, unless you work in one of those offices where you can’t watch any videos, even of the most wholesome and safe-for-work nature.

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