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Loyal BB readers,

Do you have a nagging problem that’s driving you nuts? Something vaguely annoying, like an upstairs neighbor who thinks he can sing or a real deal nightmare that makes you want to move to a yurt and mainline martinis whenever you think about it? Well, friends, it is time to stop cursing your fate alone, or at least in private. Subway commutes are for Cut The Rope and silently judging other peoples’ reading material, not coming up with perfect comebacks in your head.

You need to unload whatever it is that’s giving you grief, and that is where my new advice column comes in. Sure, you have a million people in your life who are happy to listen and offer their two cents, but friends, even well-intentioned ones, don’t always give the best advice. You need complete honesty and maybe a degree of anonymity, and I am here to give it to you.

Who the hell am I (aside from a person who has obviously never screwed up my own life in any way ever)? Well, I like to think I am a good listener. I’m open-minded, empathetic, and perceptive. I will take your problems seriously, but if you write me complaining about your bridesmaids’ attitudes after they flew 300 miles to the middle of nowhere for your wedding and you made them do heavy manual labor and wake up at 5 am to wash dishes for the other guests (true story) then, rest assured, I will call you on your BS.

I’m here not because I have it all figured out, but because I would truly love the chance to offer a fresh, unbiased, and hopefully helpful perspective on that which vexes you. So, to all the lovelorn, the job-weary, the victims of frenemies, the people who have to have conversations with their mothers, and anyone else who needs an ear to bend, I am at your service going forward. Enter your question into the anonymous form below, or tweet me @Dear_Dot. Let’s try to work it out.

Yours truly,


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