Happy Birthday Diana Ross


At the brunch screening of The Hunger Games at the Nitehawk Cinema this weekend the preview for the new Twilight (Breaking Dawn 2?) movie was openly mocked by the audience. And keep in mind, this was a group of people who lined up an hour in advance to see a movie adapted from a young adult novel about a totalitarian fantasy world. One girl near me lamented that she had run out of time and hadn’t made mockingjay pins for her friends. Point being, Twilight  seems to have gone beyond camp into the realm of purely laughable. And it’s not just Williamsburg that loves steely Katniss more than love-doped Bella:

@HuffingtonPost The box office take for The Hunger Games was the highest ever opening weekend for a non-sequel. Notably, WAY higher than any Twilight film.

@Brownstoner Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick may be moving to Brooklyn Heights. Rumor has it they’ve purchased side-by-side townhouses to create a sort of double wide mansion. Or, you know, his and hers homes.

@NPRnews Diana Ross turns 68 today. The photo is really worth clicking through for.

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