Late Night Enchantment


When you watch Back to the Future and, do you fantasize about hitting up the Enchantment Under the Sea dance (rather than wishing you could time-travel to make some money betting on the outcomes of big games or strategically making stock purchases)? Believe it or not, this Saturday night is your chance to make that dream into a reality. Union Hall is hosting a 50s/60s-themed prom (which shares a name with Back to the Future‘s), promising a prom king and queen, an MC, and a 50s-music-only set by Brooklyn’s own Los Encantados. DJs Bande a Part will be spinning thematically appropriate music, including garage rock and French ye-ye (if you didn’t get enough of it in this week’s Mad Men episode). Entry is just $5, or free with a ticket to the Los Encantados EP release party that precedes it.

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