Unless you’ve been hibernating, you know that The Hunger Games, the movie adaptation of the first installment of Suzanne Collins’ wildly popular sci-fi trilogy, opened this weekend to record box office numbers. Never fear if you didn’t feel like braving the lines of teenagers at the big box theaters, because Nitehawk Cinema is screening the blockbuster all week. Themed specials, like Prim’s “Getting By” Goat Cheese Sandwich and a drink called–you guessed it–the Girl on Fire, will be offered in addition to the usual roundup of refreshments. It’s probably the most civilized possible to watch a movie about a dystopian society that pits its children against each other in a fight to death for entertainment. Skeptics should rest assured that this is no Twilightreviews are positive and Katniss, played skillfully by Jennifer Lawrence, is a heroine you can feel good about rooting for.  Take that, Bella!

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