Walk the Williamsburg Bridge


We’ve got another beautiful weekend ahead of us, with mild temperatures and plenty of sun. You may want to leave your computer at home and venture out among the living, and even find a way to get some exercise in the process.

Not too long ago, we took you across the Manhattan Bridge, from DUMBO to Chinatown while avoiding the tourist crush of the Brooklyn Bridge. If you enjoyed that one, you may also want to venture across the Williamsburg Bridge.

If you’re coming from Manhattan, you will enter the footpath on Delancey Street. On the wide entrance ramp, bikes and pedestrians are side-by-side. Once you pass the graffiti-covered metal dedication sign, the paths split, with bikes on the north and walkers on the south. The view from the bridge is somewhat obscured by the fence enclosing the path, but you can see some views of the skyline and the other bridges.

There’s plenty to see inside, as well. The red metal beams stretch across a gray backdrop in interesting patterns, plus both the path and the structure are covered in graffiti. Some of it is well-executed street art and some is simple tagging, but all of it is interesting to look at. You can look down at the subway tracks, which are slightly below the foot and bike paths.

As you come to the off ramp, you’ll be able to see the rooftops of Williamsburg, and you’ll be enclosed in a more narrow path. The walkway turns a little, and coupled with the color of the crossbeams, it creates a cool visual effect, almost like a one-point-perspective drawing.

You’ll exit the footpath on Bedford Avenue near South 6th Street (if you rode a bike, you’ll end up on South 5th Place). Stop in for a post stroll beer in the backyard of the East River Bar (S. 6th between Berry and Bedford) or stroll on over to Pies ‘n’ Thighs (S. 4th and Driggs) for something delicious. If you reverse course and end up in the city, stop in the Essex Street Market for a new cheese from Saxelby Cheese, or dip down to Broome for a vegan treat at Babycakes.

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