Nuttin’ But Love for Heavy D


This spring, the Brooklyn Historical Society’s Inventing Brooklyn series takes a close look at a variety of individuals who have left indelible marks on the borough. It is only fitting, then, that rapper/producer/actor Heavy D will be the topic of conversation at The Overweight Lover to Notorious B.I.G., a special event produced in conjunction with Brooklyn Bodega this Thursday. The hip hop legend was only 44 when a pulmonary embolism killed him in December, and he left behind a legacy that won’t be forgotten. Hear Heavy D’s close friends and collaborators Marley Marl and Pete Rock discuss his evolution of his career, from when he was first nicknamed the Overweight Lover to his work with Biggie, and his resounding influence on the hip hop community. Tickets are only $10 and are expected to sell out.

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