Bookish Tees


Do you need a T-shirt AND love the Brooklyn Public Library?

One of these babies from Brooklyn Industries will help the BPL buy books. Which, for the record, just don’t magically appear on their shelves. About 80% of their funding comes from the city, and the rest comes from the state and people like you! Especially people who like reading and supporting free, civic institutions.

Their goal for this year’s Support Our Shelves campaign is $500,000. The quickest way for the BPL to reach that goal is to receive donations via their website, since all of that money goes directly to book buying for its branches:

The not-as-quick, but definitely style-y way of helping them is to buy a Brooklyn Industries BPL T-shirt, as some of the proceeds support the library’s book fund. The $28 shirts are on sale here.

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