Got Vinyl?


The third Saturday of every April is a very special time for music enthusiasts and record nerds alike- Record Store Day. On this day, stores around the world, including some Brooklyn favorites like Permanent Records, Co-op 87 Records and Soundfix, celebrate with in-store performances, DJs and other festivities. But the best part, to all of us dorks who’ve kept a special piggy bank with the word “records” scrawled across the poor pig that’s about to be smashed open, are all of the releases and re-issues that are put out on this day. From a Metallica 12” on silver vinyl, to a reissue of T-Rex’s Electric Warrior as a six 7” box set, or the 1st ep PiL’s done since the 90’s, get ready to spend a lot of cash. There’s a complete list of releases here.

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