Laugh Monster, Laugh!


Of all the scary things we thought about as children, the scariest thought of all might have been the unavoidable-ness of growing up. Sure, now we get to eat whatever cereal we want (and for dinner, too!) but sometimes nostalgia hits and we wish the most frightening thing in our lives was still the possibility of a monster under our beds. But at least we can laugh about it now! On that note, this month’s Steamboat humor reading series at Greenlight Bookstore is featuring the funniest writers who’ve taken a look back at childhood and found the hilarity in it all. In addition to host Bob Powers (whose Happy Cruelty Day is a must read for the wry-humor enthusiasts among us), this month’s edition features Frank Lesser of Emmy award-winning Colbert Report fame, who’ll be reading from his book Sad Monsters (complete with hilarious trailer!), plus other funny, surprise guests.

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