We Can Has Danz Party?


You know what’s fun? Dance parties! You know what else is fun? Cat faces! Know what’s even more fun? Cat faces AT dance parties! If you need a moment because your mind was just blown, allow the good people at Cat Face Party to explain: “Cat Face is the party where you draw a cat face on your face. Then we dance and drink and listen to dirty party music and have fun all night long.” Pretty amazing, right? By keeping silliness the highest priority of the night, the inaugural Cat Dance Party at Public Assembly this weekend hopes that no one will be wasting time trying to look cool when there’s so much FUN! to be had instead. The party goes from midnight to 4am, and is $5 with a cat face…but $20 without one. (There’s even someone to draw one on at the door!) So grab that sharpie and dance with people who don’t take themselves too seriously.

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