All About Soul


Sometimes even the many benefits of a vegan diet (smaller carbon footprint, eco-friendliness, flatter tummies and spinach-enhanced Popeye strength) don’t feel like they outweigh the restrictions it imposes. Thankfully, culinary game changer Bryant Terry has made it his mission to counteract that, and he’s hosting a book release AND cooking demonstration at Greenlight bookstore this week. His latest work, The Inspired Vegan, shows just how rich, lively and creative a vegan lifestyle can be in the kitchen and out—and considering this is the same guy who successfully reimagined soul food, the cuisine of bacon fat and butter, as both vegan and delicious, we believe him. Greene Grape Annex will provide samples of the book’s recipes for partygoers to enjoy—and the proof is in the delicious egg-less pudding!

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