Let’s Go to the Movies!


If you haven’t noticed already from the sudden spike in humidity, summer has officially arrived. And with it, the Summer Blockbuster. While loud explosions, catchy catchphrases (oh no we didn’t!), the different permutations of friendly aliens and/or bad aliens certainly have their charms, something subtler is at work on our side of the East River: the 2012 Brooklyn Film Festival. With shorts, documentaries, animation, and over a dozen features screening at Brooklyn Heights Cinema and indieScreen for the first week-and-a-half of June, there’s serious cinema available for the discerning palate of every taste. Single program tickets are $12, a four-pack pass is a bargain at $30, and although a Festival Pass runs a large $150, it grants you admission not only to every screening of the festival, but also every party, program and event (schedule here). Pass on the popcorn flicks (for now) and renew your indie cred for the season.

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