Family Portrait: Sona and Adrian


Names: Sona and Adrian
Occupations: Professional student and cool guy
Neighborhood: Bushwick

You guys look amazing! How would you describe your family style?
Thank you. Adrian’s shoe game is on point and I have a penchant for denim and leather. As native New Yorkers we’re pretty all over the place. There is so much fashion and music and culture we’re exposed to on a daily basis, it’s hard not being a little eclectic.

What are you guys wearing today?
I’m wearing a Helmut Lang blazer, a Graveyard shirt (great band from Sweden), suede shorts from Forever 21 (best $20 I’ve ever spent) and Jeffrey Campbell boots. All my jewelry is by this great designer Pamela Love. Adrian is wearing a Yankees beanie, a Motörhead sweatshirt—one of my best eBay finds—H&M jeans and vintage Dr. Martens.

It’s obvious that you’re both pretty bad-ass. Do you guys ever rock out together?
All the time. Adrian is my sidekick. I took him to his first show when he was 2 (with ear protection, of course). I expect that in 10 years he’ll rebel by listening to smooth jazz, but for now he’s seen some pretty cool bands for a 4-year-old.

How long have you been in Bushwick? Do you have anything exciting to tell us about the neighborhood?
We moved to Bushwick from the LES two years ago and are really excited to have a backyard! The neighborhood has already changed a lot, there are new businesses popping up all over the place. There is a great vegan donut place, Dunwell, that opened across the street from us a few months ago. We have the best 24-hour deli on our block (Azure Market) that makes the longest list of sandwiches. There are a few places to eat off the Morgan stop, but I would love to see more good restaurants in Bushwick, our area is very bar-heavy.

What are some of your favorite activities around the neighborhood?
Roberta’s! An amazing restaurant run by amazing people. It’s casual and loud, which makes it very kid-friendly, plus what kid doesn’t love pizza. They have a ton of other interesting things on the menu, some of which they grown on their farm in the back, and a great cocktail list, which makes them very adult friendly too! On top of that, when the weather gets nice they screen movies and have other fun events outside.

So, your a super hot single mom, how’s the BK dating scene?
I’m busy but taking applications.

Being that you’re so damn stylish, what are some of your favorite places to shop in Brooklyn?
My favorite kid’s clothing store is Sweet William on N6th st, it’s dangerous to go shopping there because everything they stock is so good. If you end up there with kids, go 3 blocks South and walk down N. 3rd Street. There is an amazing art library, a cool zine/book store, a chocolate factory [Mast Brothers] you can actually go inside, and right on the corner of Wythe is Depanneur, the best gourmet corner store. Get a sandwich and chocolate milk and go hang out at the boardwalk.

Help another parent out and tell us one of your best parenting secrets…
Whiskey in chocolate milk…I’m kidding. I don’t have any secrets, but I chose to fight the food battle early on. I think if you expose kids to a wide variety of food right from the beginning, they won’t find too many things “weird” by the toddler years.

Well, you make a pretty dynamic duo. What do you guys want to be when you grow up?
I’m in the middle of law school applications but would love to have a kids’ knitwear line one day. Is that weird? Adrian wants to be a train conductor.

The last question is for Adrian: What do you think about your mom?
I like her because she has a long hair and a squishy belly. I really love to hug her.

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  1. Coming Home Soon -

    Next time (if there is a next time) I wanna have a little dude like this guy. He’s awesome, mainly cos he loves his mums squishy belly, what more can a mum ask for eh??
    Great wee interview!

    Lou xo


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