What’d You Do This Weekend, Lamar Bailey?


Name: Lamar Bailey
Age: 29
Occupation: Driver
Neighborhood: Bed-Stuy
Relationship status: Single (and ready to mingle)

When I caught up with Lamar Bailey at the Brooklyn Philharmonic’s Bed-Stuy Series Saturday night, I suppressed the urge to touch her hair and instead asked her about her weekend. From listening to Mos Def, who performed with alongside the orchestra to kick starting her next project–a soon-to-open hostel in Central America, Lamar managed to make the most of her weekend, minus an unfortunate accident with some hot dogs.

FRIDAY: I worked and met up with my friend Nico, who just came from Switzerland, and spent the entire night cooking arroz con pollo for 12 people. Arroz con pollo is a traditional plata from many countries in Latin America–the Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico, Colombia. Each of them adds their spin to it, but the basics are the same–rice and chicken. I was cooking as a reward for the people who helped us for the Kickstarter.

SATURDAY: I spent the morning making a Kickstarter video for a my Panama project,  my hostel, restaurant and bar that I’m opening in December in Bocas del Toro, Panama. We have all we need except some money for equipment, so we decided to make a Kickstarter for that. The video was filmed in a restaurant in Brooklyn called Kaz An Nou where my business partner works. At night I went to the Mos Def concert in Bed-Stuy with some of the people that helped us with the video. It was in Restoration Plaza [on Fulton Street]. The concert was good, but I only caught the last portion of it, sad. After that we biked to this amazing bar called Crown Victoria in Williamsburg. They have a huge backyard and a front yard, but the front closes early.

SUNDAY: I went to Far Rockaway to work with my friend Sergio at his food cart called Santa Salsa. It was a great day for selling hot dogs. There were points where there had to be three of us making hot dogs, and there was still a line. The only thing was that I burned my leg! And now I can’t wear shorts for the rest of the summer!!!! Afterwards we stopped by a party on the boardwalk. The party was apparently thrown by Roberta’s (in Bushwick), but I’m not sure. [Ed. note: It was a Tiki Disco party at Rippers, a joint venture between the owners of Roberta’s and The Meat Hook.] It was super fun. People dancing on tables, ‘80s music, people dancing in swimming suits and drinking margaritas. I mean, what else can I ask for?

RATING: I had a great weekend, except for when I I burned my leg making hot dogs. Still it was a 6.

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