Outside Art at the Northside Festival


Over the weekend, the Northside Festival brought an onslaught of music and art to Brooklyn (even more than we already have). In addition to the seemingly endless stream of concerts in practically every bar and club along the L train, Saturday saw Williamsburg Walks, an outdoor festival on Bedford Avenue spanning from North 5th Street up to North 12th.

Along the route there were performances, art demonstrations, promo and activism booths, and places where you could sit down on a patch of sod and just watch everyone walk by. If you hung around long enough you could see the pieces of art come to life as the creators worked all day in the hot sun. You could also participate in some of the pieces by getting your face or nails painted, getting a psychic reading, or helping map out stories with news clippings.

The music, art and entrepreneurship portions of the festival ran between June 14 and June 17. Northside film is just getting started today and running through June 21. You can get a full schedule of film events at the official Northside site.

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