Bats and the Big Dipper


The only thing I remember from an Italian class I took several years ago is the word for bats, and that’s because it is pipistrelli, which is pretty much the best word I’ve ever heard in my life. I’ll admit that it took some time for me to develop an appreciation for the actual creatures, but, as it turns out, they are pretty awesome. Plus, they’re just about the only effective weapon we have against the ever-increasing mosquito scourge around these parts, so they deserve some reverence. You can check out the little guys in the wild this Wednesday at a free Urban Night Sky: Bats and Stars Walking Tour. Paul Keim of the Fort Greene Park Conservancy will lead a twilight tour of the park, pointing out the visible constellations above and explaining the best way to listen for, call to and observe bats in flight. RSVP to reserve a spot ASAP, and don’t forget a flashlight!–K.H.

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