Riffing On Road House


The Double Deuce was the baddest bar in Jasper, Missouri ’til one man came along to clean house—Dalton. Played by Patrick Swayze, Dalton was a tough-as-nails bouncer/ex-philosophy major from the hard streets of NYC with a knack for politeness and a motto that let you know he didn’t play around: “be nice until it’s time not to be nice.” This weekend at Nitehawk Cinema, the Raspberry Brothers give Road House the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment as they riff on the classic 80s film. It’s hard to say what’ll make you laugh harder, the comedy or the actual movie itself. There will also be a “Best Scar Competition,” a body-sized punching bag to get your workout on, and $3 cans of PBR. Buy your ticket here. They’ll also be throwing a party called  Honky Tonkin ‘n’ Nitehawkin on Friday night, based on Urban Cowboy, complete with mechanical bull rides.

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