A Magical Miraculous Wine Tour


Despite having been delighted by Brooklyn Winery in both beverage and setting more than a few times, there is still the occasional mid-Rosé-of-Merlot moment when we have to stop and marvel, Shaggy and Violent J style, “urban wines—how do they work? MIRACLES.” This Monday, though, Brooklyn Winery is offering it’s first ever “walkabout,” so you can see the method behind the mother-effing oenophilic magic. You’ll get to learn all about the process as you tour the facilities, seeing how they go from grape to now-available growler. To make it super-fun as well as enlightening, participants get to try a different taste of the six new wines during the tour. The whole thing will run about an hour and a half and costs $40. Book in advance as space is limited, and don’t forget to bring your comfy shoes!

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