Hops to It


For the fourth year in a row, Mayor Bloomberg has proclaimed that July is Good Beer Month, and to celebrate there are fun brew-centric events going on in all five boroughs over the next few weeks. As someone with an appreciation for both beer and all things DIY, I am particularly intrigued by Tuesday night’s Hopfest at Brooklyn Brewery, which will feature a group of urban backyard hops growers located throughout the city. The Bronx Brewery, which has teamed up with the New York Botanical Gardens and Cornell Cooperative Extension on an Urban Hop Project that has taken root (har har) in community gardens, will join other growers at this walk-around beer tasting featuring snacks and all-you-can-drink local New York beer. Tickets are $35, with all proceeds going to BK Farmyards. In addition, there will be an auction of items from some pretty awesome Brooklyn establishments like Franny’s, Egg, SCRATCHbread, and The Brooklyn Kitchen to round out the evening. — K.H.

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