Rock This Way


I may or may not have a continuing obsession that involves collecting songs that reference the greater New York City area (although I would never admit it publicly and permanently on the Internet like this, cause that would be weird, right?). So imagine my surprise upon finding that one of my recent favorites in this mythical, not-at-all-in-real-life song collection is the product of musicians not from Brooklyn, but from Maine. Portland, Maine, to be exact, and This Way, the very awesome in-real-life band to which I’m referring, is doing a rare show outside of New England at Union Hall this very weekend. They’ll be joined by neighborhood staples Union Street Preservation Society among others, and tickets are $8 advance, $10 at the door, and available here. Personally, I defy any NY lady who enjoys even the barest touch of folk/alt country to not semi-swoon to their song New York City. Forget it–ALL THE WAY swoon–and I’ll even go on the record with that. —V.R.

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