No Cable? No Problem


Every time I write Time Warner a monthly check that is nearly equivalent to what I paid in rent when I was in college, I get angry. At the same time, I can’t ever see myself actually getting rid of cable, mainly because I have a weird and overwhelming need to watch shows I am really into in real time and I hate spoilers. My go-to neighborhood bar, Halyards, is inching me closer to dumping the giant cable conglomerate though, as it has been regularly showing my Sunday night faves on a giant screen as they air. Although I was initially worried that watching en masse would be annoying and loud, my bf and I caught the Game of Thrones season finale there and didn’t miss a line of dialogue. Now they have moved on to back-to-back screenings of True Blood and Breaking Bad on Sundays starting at 9pm. I’m still paying my cable bill, but I’ll probably watch Breaking Bad at Halyards this weekend anyway—it’s fun to be with a group of people who love the show as much as I do, the screen is five times the size of my TV, and draft beer and DUB Pies put whatever I have in my larder to shame. –K.H.

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